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Esmée Kendra Kinniburgh is a character in the Melisende Dulac Series.


Esmée is the daughter of Quentin and India Kinniburgh, conceived via IVF after the death of their younger daughter Kendra. She was born prematurely and was often ill during her childhood. She grew up a loner, interested in science and an avid student. She graduated after her junior year of high school, then attended Oregon State University where she studied Fermentation Science, then attended the Master Brewers Program at UC-Davis. After completing her education, she returned to Samuelton where she worked at the Whistle Pig, first as a waitress then as an assistant brewmaster.

In addition to working as a brewmaster, she is the owner of the Samuelton Ledger, having purchased it when it threatened to go under. The Ledger doesn’t do well enough for her to take a salary, so to pay her bills she has to keep her job with the Whistle Pig. She employs Madison Key as a reporter and general admin with the paper.

At birth, India named her Ivy Kendra Kinniburgh, to the consternation of Quentin—a source of the division between the two parents. When she turned eighteen, she legally changed her name to Esmée, though at her father's suggestion she kept the middle name Kendra. "Your mother is going to be pissed as it is."

Her relationship with her sister Virginia was never close, due to the difference in age and Virginia's willingness to cater to their mother's whims.

To come.

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 27 March 1987
Date of Death: —

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