Freshwater Murders

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The Freshwater Murders were an act of family annihilation believed to be perpetrated by Clark Freshwater. The crime is sometimes called "The Freshwater Slaughter" by true crime buffs and others, usually in a darkly humorous sense.

General Information

On February 14, 2009, Dorothy Freshwater and her children Jared, Emile, and Tabitha were fatally shot in the family home, Freshwater Knoll, in Samuelton, Oregon. Only Dorothy’s youngest daughter, Towhee, survived. The prime suspect was Dorothy’s husband Clark Freshwater. In the aftermath of the slayings, Clark disappeared and remained at-large for more than ten years.



Other Relevant Characters

Online Description of the Freshwater Murders

What follows is an overview of the murders published at a popular true crime website. It is based on published reports and official accounts released by investigating authorities, and does not reflect revelations which came out during June/July 2018.

What Really Happened