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Harry Pond is a character in the Eden Pond Series.


Harry is the twin brother of Eden Pond and and younger brother of Merton Pond. The 17 year age difference between Merton and the twins, combined with the fact their parents died when the twins were toddlers, means Merton was more of a father than brother to Harry.

His left leg was weakened and disfigured by childhood polio, causing a significant limp. He’s unable to run or do work requiring leg strength, and so is not eligible for military service during the war. When war was declared, he tried to volunteer for the army. He knew he couldn't be a combat soldier, but he thought there were lots of other jobs. Despite his insistence he could be useful he was rejected.

Eden hadn't wanted him to try, and they argued about it. He decided to move out of the house where they'd grown up together, and where she still lived with their older brother Merton. He wanted to do something useful, so he got a room in Tillamook and a job at a bakery. He and Eden did not see each other or speak for more than two months.

When nightly blackouts were implemented, he volunteered as a block warden to ensure his neighbors were observing blackout procedures, and at times could be over-zealous.

He also volunteered with the Ground Observer Corps to watch for and identify planes flying along the coast.

Average height, 5'7"—shorter than Eden by three inches, a fact that was a source of aggravation to him. His left leg was shorter than his right and weakened by childhood polio. He walked with a limp, and required a cane for longer distances or if he was on his feet for long periods. He was unable to run or do work requiring leg strength, and so was not eligible for military service during the war.

His hair was short and black, worn in a wave on top.

Aside from his leg, he was very strong, especially in the arms and chest, though this wasn't evident from his build which was lean and wiry.

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 7 February 1917
Date of Death: 23 February 1942

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