Isaac Sanditon

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Isaac Sanditon is a character in the Eden Pond Series.


Isaac Sanditon is a captain in the U.S. Army assigned to the 104th Cavalry on the Oregon Coast.

He's an older officer, age 36, who reached major before being demoted for a failure to maintain discipline in his command. A number of men in his artillery battalion ran in a gambling operation which he ignored (possibly because he was being paid off). After he was demoted, he kicked around in logistics jobs for a few years until in 1941—before the start of the war—he was assigned to what he considered to be a particularly low-status duty: commanding a shore patrol company on the Oregon Coast. Before Pearl Harbor, and to a lesser degree afterward, he was fairly outspoken in his belief the patrols are a waste of time.

Personal Details and Appearance
He can be personable and outgoing, though this hides a ruthless malevolence. He looks for easy solutions, and is inclined to violent overreactions when things don't go his way.