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(Published Books)
(Published Books)
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==Published Books==
==Published Books==
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:Lost_dog_large.jpg|150px|left|thumb|Lost Dog cover|link=Lost Dog]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:Lost_dog_large.jpg|x225px|left|thumb|Lost Dog|link=Lost Dog]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:chasing_smoke_2012.jpg|150px|left|thumb|Chasing Smoke cover|link=Chasing Smoke]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:chasing_smoke_2012.jpg|x225px|left|thumb|Chasing Smoke|link=Chasing Smoke]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:Day_One_400.png|150px|left|thumb|Day One cover|link=Day One]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:Day_One_400.png|x225px|left|thumb|Day One|link=Day One]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:County_Line_400.jpg|150px|left|thumb|County Line cover|link=County Line]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:County_Line_400.jpg|x225px|left|thumb|County Line|link=County Line]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:Cameron_PropertyofState_1-1.jpg|150px|left|thumb|Property of the State cover|link=Property of the State]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:Cameron_PropertyofState_1-1.jpg|x225px|left|thumb|Property of the State|link=Property of the State]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:Crossroad_cover1.jpg|150px|left|thumb|Crossroad cover|link=Crossroad]]</div>
<div class="floatLeftDiv" style="float: left;">[[File:Crossroad_cover1.jpg|x225px|left|thumb|Crossroad|link=Crossroad]]</div>

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Welcome to the Wiki for the mystery writer W.H./Bill Cameron.

This Wiki is currently a developmental work-in-progress by me, the author. It is not open to public editing at this time.

Once the foundational pages have been established, I may open it up to outside editors if there is any interest.

Main Categories

  • Books, including all published and some unpublished or in-development projects
  • Stories, including all published and some unpublished or in-development short- and medium-length projects
  • Characters, organized by series or standalone appearances
  • Locations, settings found throughout the books and stories, some real, some reimagined versions of actual places, and some wholly fictional. In addition to text content, some locations include maps in PDF or JPEG formats.
  • Miscellaneous, objects and events of significance.
  • Works-in-Progress, stories and novels which are either in development or on submission. Spoilers lurk in these entries.

On Spoilers

It is the nature of a wiki that as details are added, spoilers are likely to appear. Some spoiler information has been hidden inside click-to-reveal Spoiler containers, but this hasn't yet been widely implemented. A number of spoilers are still in plain view.

*** If you don't want to know what happens in the books and stories covered, proceed with caution! ***

Spoiler Example:

On Canon*

This is working archive with references to unpublished material. As a result, information may appear here that hasn't yet made it into print. Because one of the functions of this wiki is to serve as a reference for the author, unpublished content is subject to change as stories are developed, drafted and revised.

*** Only material that has been formally published can be considered canon. ***

*Yes, I know. Using the word "canon" in reference to my own work is an exercise in hubris. The last laugh will no doubt be with everyone but me.

Published Books

Lost Dog
Chasing Smoke
Day One
County Line
Property of the State