Reagan Rutherford

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Reagan Rutherford is a character in the Melisende Dulac Series.


Promoted to Chief Deputy Sheriff of the Barlow County Sheriff's Department in August 2017, shortly after the events of Crossroad.

Personal Details
Born in Burns, Oregon, he was named in honor of Ronald Reagan. After graduating high school, he attended Portland State University—mostly because he wanted to experience life away from eastern Oregon. After earning his criminal justice degree, he joined the Portland Police Bureau, but found the city was not suited to him. When he was twenty-five, he accepted a job as deputy in Barlow County, where he served first as corrections deputy for eighteen months, then moved to patrol.

Rutherford was the first law enforcement officer on the scene at the Freshwater Murders. He also participated in the search of the house, and was the deputy Towhee first approached after she came out of hiding. Ever since, he's been filled with self-recrimination over his failure to find Towhee during the seven-plus hours between when he first arrived and she finally made her appearance.

Though generally conservative, he doesn't like people bringing up Ronald Reagan, mostly because he's just sick of hearing about it. Usually goes by Ray, though his close friends call him Rut.

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 13 February 1981
Date of Death: —