Shatter Hill Spirit

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The Shatter Hill Spirit is a legendary figure in the Melisende Dulac Series.


The Shatter Hill Spirit is believed to be the ghost of Molly Claire Maguire, a settler on the Oregon Trail who died in 1869 after a fall from the rim of Shatter Hill. In contemporary times, she functions as Barlow County's equivalent of the ghost of Bloody Mary, with various methods supposedly used to summon her. Most commonly, it is said if one stands at the intersection of Shatter Hill Road and Route 55 and says her name three times, she will appear. Some say she claims young girls, the spurned or the forlorn, to share in her grief. Others say if such girls stand in the crossroad and call for retribution against those who’ve wronged them, Molly Claire’s specter will appear to dispense justice on behalf of the wronged. Commonly, area teens and young adults have parties at the Shatter Hill crossroad, supposedly there to summon the Spirit.

Ghost hunters often come to Barlow County in search of the Shatter Hill Spirit. In Crossroad, Melisende Dulac sees a vague figure at the crossroad several times, though she can never bring herself to believe she is really seeing a ghost.

About Molly Claire

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