The Samuelton Ledger

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The Samuelton Ledger is a newspaper/website in the Melisende Dulac Series.


The Ledger was originally founded as a weekly broadsheet in Samuelton, Oregon with a publication history dating back to the 1800s.[1] In 1914 the schedule was increased to daily, a frequency it maintained until 2012. At that time, The Ledger reverted to a weekly print edition, now in tabloid, with daily news updates posted on its website.

The Ledger is owned by Esmée Kinniburgh, who has a hands-off management style for the news operation—focusing her attention on working as a brewmaster for the Whistle Pig. She also runs Ledger Press, a local print shop that also prints the weekly newspaper. Madison Key is the lone staff reporter, serving also as copy editor and administrative assistant to the editor-in-chief.



  1. Waldo's Gold notes the headline "Remember the Maine" in an early edition, indicating the paper was in print in 1898.