The Stiff

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The Stiff is a first call body transport van owned by Bouton Funerary Service in the Melisende Dulac Series.


Example of a Ford Transit van of the same model generation (early 2000s) as The Stiff

“The Stiff” is Melisende's nickname for Bouton Funerary Service's brown Ford Transit van. The windowless cargo area is fitted with a transport deck to secure the body transport gurney (AKA cot) and a rack of bins on the left side for supplies.[1]

Before Melisende came to live and work in Barlow County, Quince Kinsrow performed removals with the Stiff for Bouton Funerary Service.

Given the Stiff's purpose, Melisende has to put up with a lot of jokes about it. The most common is:

“You know what Ford stands for, don’t you?”
“Found On Road Dead.”