Tillamook Guerillas

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Tillamook Guerillas (working title) is the possible first book in the Eden Pond Series.

At present, it is a work-in-progress.


On February 23, 1942, a Japanese submarine shells an oil field in southern California. The next morning, the body of Harry Pond is found near the planned site of a U.S. Army radar station at Cape Meares, Oregon. Though a thousand miles from the oil field, many locals believe Harry’s death is connected. They argue he was bayoneted when he interrupted a group of Japanese commandos, part of a coordinated scouting mission in preparation for a full-scale invasion of the U.S. mainland. With “war nerves” wound tight all along the West Coast in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, interest in investigating the young man’s death as a murder quickly fades.

But Eden Pond, Harry’s twin sister, isn’t so sure her brother is a casualty of war. He’d had run-ins with a number of locals through his work as a volunteer air raid warden. These older men—many veterans of the Great War—thought they knew better than the callow cripple whose childhood polio had left him with a chip on his shoulder and a desperate need to prove himself. There’s also Harry’s best friend growing up, Jonah Shibuya, the grandson of Japanese immigrants who disappeared in the wake of President Roosevelt's executive order that would soon lead to the internment of Japanese-Americans. Rumors fly that Jonah served as guide for the commandos who killed Harry.

Soon, the only person who believes Eden is Tillie Larkin, a barnstorming lady pilot who helped raise Eden and Harry after their parents died. With Tillie's help, Eden tries to learn what really happened to Harry, risking the wrath of Army officials, a newly-formed civilian militia with grand visions of repelling invasion, and an anxious community still coming to grips with life in a nation newly at war.

The events of the novel take place in February and March 1942. Tillamook Guerillas is followed by Murder at the Shipyard.

Alternative Titles
The following are other possible titles under consideration. Over time, this list is likely to expand until a final title is chosen.

  • The Lethal Shore
  • Let Us Speak of the Sky


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